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Gujarat, India


Double Head Rolling Mills (with Gearbox) are available in Size: 4 X 2. 1 / 4, 5 X 2. 1 / 2, 6 X 3

These are the specially designed compact machinefor high torqueoperation for maximum load at low HP ideally suited forjewelryworkshops. Rollers made of high alloy steel are hardened andground. The specialtransmission joints transmit full power to theroller when opening to maximumaperture at same torque. Robustlyconstructed base is fabricated from heavy steelplates for perfectalignment between gear box and rollers casing to enablesmooth,vibration free and noiseless operation. Rollers could be suppliedeitherfully grooved for wire or exclusively for sheet on customers requestasper the requirement. Centralized auto lubricating system, Emergencysystem and three phase motor can be provided on extra chargesifrequested by customers.